Welcome to the TrackerRMS Academy Site

Welcome to the TrackerRMS Academy section of our help file. The Academy has been designed so you can watch lessons to help you configure your TrackerRMS system and have access to Recruiter training modules at your convenience. The Academy lessons are ideal for new companies, a great refresher for existing users and also a must for new starters.

It is advisable that you watch the lessons in order although some may not be relevant to your business and can be missed.  If you are new to the system and configuring the system for the first time as part of an Academy plan, we would encourage you to watch the mandatory videos in the Configuring your TrackerRMS System .This can be found under the Academy menu section of the help file.  You should review these before moving on the Administrator and Recruiter lessons.  Your system will have been pre-configured so you may not have to watch the Administrator lessons to begin with.

We hope you find the lessons informative and useful.  Welcome to TrackerRMS Academy.