Administrator Lessons

Your TrackerRMS Academy has been pre configured with many of the administration and configuration settings already taken care of. The Administrator lessons are designed for TrackerRMS System Administrators and not Recruitment Consultants who need to make changes or create new settings. The lessons quickly demonstrate many of the most common tasks and workflow within TrackerRMS and show helpful tips and tricks that a Administrator will want and need to use to get the most out of TrackerRMS.  The lessons cover the follow areas-

Admin Lesson 1:   User Set Up

Admin Lesson 2:   Application Settings Part One

Admin Lesson 3:   Application Settings Part Two

Admin Lesson 4:   Customization

Admin Lesson 5:   Importing Records & Outlook Add-In

Admin Lesson 6:   Documents & Templates

Admin Lesson 7:   The Skills Profile Builder

Admin Lesson 8:   Security

Admin Lesson 9:   Project & Onboarding Settings

Admin Lesson 10:  Finance Settings