How to configure your Text Message Settings

How to Configure your Text Message Settings – PDF Download

How to configure your Email Server Settings 

Current anti-SPAM technology verifies the sender’s email address (for example to the server it came from and checks to see that the two are authentic using a process called reverse DNS lookup (click here for more information on Reverse DNS Lookup).

In order to ensure successful delivery of all emails from your TrackerRMS system, it is highly recommended that you provide your outbound mail server details in the My Mail Server Information section of your profile. If you are already using a mail application such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express then the details should be available in your Account Settings within those applications. The details you will need are as follows:

 Mail Information Comments 
 Outgoing Server Name (SMTP)* This is typically the outgoing SMTP server through which you send your outbound email
 Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port Number This is normally 25 but this may vary so best to check this in your settings
 Account Username The email address or account name that you use to send email through the above server (this will not be your TrackerRMS username)
 Account Password This is the password associated with the above account
 Secure Password Authentication Normally set to No but some email systems require SPA so best to check this in your settings
  1. To enter your mail server details, first click on your name in the top right hand corner of the main page
  2. Click on the tab called My Mail Settings
  3. Enter the details as described in the table above
  4. To test the settings are entered correctly, click the Test Mail Settings link (a popup window will appear, please wait up to 10 seconds for the connection to be tested)

Mail Settings

* If you are using Microsoft Exchange, please consult your IT department in order to obtain suitable SMTP service through which to send email.  They may also be required to allow our mail servers to relay emails through the Exchange Server and should contact for details of our mail server IP Addresses.