The TrackerRMS Outlook Addin installs on your local machine and provides you with highly useful functions that integrate seamlessly with your TrackerRMS system.  This Addin is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 on the Windows operating system. To download the Addin, please follow the steps below carefully.

Install the TrackerRMS Outlook Addin

Please ensure you close down Microsoft Outlook now before proceeding otherwise your Addin installation will not work.

If this is the first time you are installing the Outlook Addin, please click this link before installation to ensure your pre-requisites are installed:

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime (pre-requisite)

Now, to install the Addin, click the following link:

Click here to download TrackerRMS Outlook Addin

Verify your logon details in the Outlook Addin

Once installed you will see TrackerRMS in the top menu bar in Outlook.  Click the “Options…” button on within this menu or right click an item in your Inbox and select Options… from the context menu

  • Enter your TrackerRMS username and password in the in the fields provided and click the Verify… button
  • If correct, you will received confirmation that your logon details are accepted.  If not, please contact
  • Please remember to update these details everytime you change your TrackerRMS logon details.

Please remember, the Addin will only work correctly if the Outlook email address is an identical match to your email address in Tracker. 

What to do if you have problems installing or using the Outlook Addin

If you receive any error messages like this during installation:

Then you need to ensure that you have added TrackerRMS to your list of Trusted Sites successfully.

Please open Internet Explorer and select Tools > Internet Options from the browsers tools menu.

Click on the security tab and select the Trust Sites tab:

Then type our website address and click the “Add” button to add us to the list as below: