IP Only Authentication for Exchange Server

In order for our servers to be successfully authenticated by our client’s own mail servers, they need to declare our IP Addresses as “safe” servers from which we can relay mail. This means that our servers are permitted to connect to them for the sole purpose of sending emails in order to make it appear as if those emails originated from their own mail servers instead of ours.

This is typically down within the Exchange Management Console where you can simply provide a list or range of IP Addresses that are allowed to connect and relay email.

Please use IP Addresses and IP Ranges as follows to ensure our servers can authenticate:   to   to to   to

If you are looking to authenticate TrackerRMS simply using the IP Addresses and removing the need for each user to enter a username and password to authenticate, please ensure not authentication is set within the Connector Properties window (as below).

Note: TLS is optional by recommended and requires the SSL/TLS option to be ticked within the TrackerRMS Mail Settings

The settings in TrackerRMS can then be configured like this without requiring usernames and password for each user: