Adding a Custom Field

Click on the clip below to see how to add a Custom Field

To add a Custom Field

1. Select on Tools>Custom Fields and click on +New Custom Field

2. Add your Custom Field Name and decide where you want the field top appear on TrackerRMS by selecting the Custom Field Association

3. Decide on the Custom Field Type. You can choose from a number of options including linking your Custom Field to a record already on TrackerRMS

4. Select the Put this field in the main Custom Fields block if you want your custom field to appear on the Custom Field record block as well as in the Custom Fields list

5. Select the Include this Custom Field in Quick View (eye) if you want it to appear within the Quick view eye within lists

6. Save & Close

If you have selected a Custom Field Type of either List or Multi-List, you will need to add a Custom Field List as follows:

1. From within Tools, select the Custom Fields Lists option

2. Click on the +Add Custom Field List button

3. Add a Custom Field List Name

4. Enter Custom Field List Values in the box, starting at the top, with one item per line

5. Click Save & Close

6. Return to the Tools>Custom Fields option, select your new Custom Field and select the Custom Field Type from the drop down list

7. Save & Close