Adding TrackerRMS to your Trusted Sites

This article explains how to add TrackerRMS to your list of Trusted Sites for Internet Explorer in order to allow scripting for online editing and resolve issues around popup windows etc.

The creation process covers the following key steps which are explained in more detail in the sections below:

STEP 1: Opening your Trusted Sites list

STEP 2: Adding TrackerRMS to the list

STEP 3: Setting the Trusted Sites security level

STEP 4: Restarting Internet Explorer

Please ensure you follow these instruction carefully.

Opening your Trusted Sites list

The first step is to open the list of Trusted Sites and is best done when already logged on to TrackerRMS so that it pre-populates our website address in the next step. Start by clicking the cog in the top right hand corner of the browser and select Internet options from the menu:

Click the Security tab on the Internet Options screen that appears and then the Trusted Sites option in the zone list provided:

Adding TrackerRMS to the list

Click the Sites button located underneath the zones list to open up the Trusted Sites list. The web address for TrackerRMS should already appear in the “Add…” field at the top. If not enter it as it appears below and click the Add button to place it in the Trusted Sites list. Then click the Close button:

Setting the Trusted Sites security level

In order to set the Trusted Sites security level, click the Custom Level button on the Internet Options window:

On the next window that appears, select Low from the Reset to: drop down list at the bottom of the screen and then click the Reset… button, then click Yes to confirm.

Before closing the window, scroll down to the section near the bottom of the Settings list and set the option for Websites in less privileged web content zone can navigate into this zone to Enabled, then click Apply, click Yes to confirm then OK to close Internet Options.

Restarting Internet Explorer

Please close all tabs and Internet Explorer windows for the changes to take effect and open as normal. No need to reboot your PC.


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