We have a comprehensive Web API (Application Programmers Interface) that allows our clients to write custom applications to both retrieve and update information directly within TrackerRMS without needing to use the standard website system.  This WebAPI is ever growing in functionality however will remain backwards compatible for any applications you may have built against it.

Current Version

The current version of the Web API is v1.13 and amendments to this version are as follows:

  • New CheckCredentials() function added to the API to allow easier checking of current token validity


Our API uses the XmlHttp protocol for its API calls which is sent as plain XML encoded text and information is received in the same format.

Security Protocol

Our API must be used using the https:// protocol (port 443) to ensure the secure transit of data both to and from your application to our API servers.

Security Processes within the API

In order to use the API you will first need to retrieve a security token using your username and password using the XmlHttpLogon() function and keep this token for all subsequent calls within that session. Retrieving a new token or logging off the API will reset this token access which we recommend as best practice.