The CreateContact() API function is an XmlHttp function to create a new contact record based on the name and email address.  This will create a new contact record with the name and email provided and will automatically split the name fields.  Based on the domain of the email address passed (e.g., this function will also look to intelligently match this contact to their appropriate Client record based on the email address held against the Client record.

API Address

Request Format

The input format XML for this function is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
Parameter Notes
<Username> The username is typically the email address for the user in the format
<Password> The password will be the same as their web based password and can contain a combination of upper case, lower case and alpha-numeric characters
<Name> This is the name of the new Contact to create
<JobTitle> This is the Job Title for the Contact
<Email> This is the email address of the new Contact to create
<ClientName> This is the name of the Client which is used to match the Contact to a Client where possible
<BusinessPhone>, <HomePhone>, <MobilePhone> This is the telephone number of the new Contact to create

Response Format

The function will return a literal string value only containing the message to relay to the sender.

Example of a valid return:

Contact with email address ‘’ already exists in database, no action taken
User details cannot be verified
User ‘’ not found
Contact (Firstname Surname) successfully created