Creating a Template

Click below to see how to Create a New Template

To Create a New Template

1. In the Tools  menu, click on the Standard Templates option in the Customisation  section.

2. Click on New Template.

3. Enter the Template Name, Template Folder in which you want to keep the template, and Template Type.

4. It is essential that you you choose where you want the template to appear within TrackerRMS by selecting the correct Association. If you want to use this template within Leads then choose Lead as the Association, otherwise the system will not know what information to use for populating the template.

5. Complete the Email Subject and enter the text you wish to include in the email.

6. Template Tags can be inserted into the text by clicking on the [[…]] icon on the left hand side of the email tool bar. Complete your email by including the tag for your email signature.

7. Load Default Template can be used to choose a pre-configured template from the TrackerRMS library.

8. Click Save & Continue.

9. Within Recipients, you will specify if you would like to always copy the email to another email address, using the Cc. field.

10. Auto-Attachment  will allow you to automatically attach a document from your Document Library each time you send this template.

11. Within Workflow you can set the status of a record automatically to update to a pre-set value, dependant on the Association you are in.

12. Auto Follow Up will set an automatic follow up record to be created once the template is sent. This can be for any activity type, subject and period as well as creating these for a specific user or department.

13. Click Save & Close once you are finished.

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