Document Library

To attach documents to your document library:

  1.  At the TrackerRMS Home page, click onto the Tools tab
  2. First Click on the Application Settings section
  3. Select the Folders tab from the top bar
  4. In the top left corner you will see Add New Record, use the scroll down bar and select New Document Folder
  5. Give your document Folder a Name and then save by clicking the green tick box. Add as many folders as you need for your documents
  6. Once you have added all your folders, click the red X box and this will take you back to the Tools tab
  7. Now select the document library tab, to add new documents
  8. Click on New Online form on the top left corner which will bring up a pop up box
  9. Click Browse and locate the document you want to attach
  10. Select the Document Folder you want to save your document in using the drop down bar
  11. Give your document a name and description if required in the relevant sections
  12. Item Type can be changed by using the drop down bar
  13. Keep the Item Status as Active and put the date you added it for your reference
  14. In the online form section you can share this contact or make it internal only, use the drop down bar to select what you would like to set it as
  15. Once all boxes are completed, in the top left click Upload and Save and your document will be added to your library