Emails not arriving at Recipient

If you are experiencing issue with emails sent from TrackerRMS not arriving in the recipients Inbox then this help topic may assist you in resolving the problem.

How does TrackerRMS send emails?

TrackerRMS has 2 ways of sending your emails:

The TrackerRMS Messenger

This is our own email account that we use to send authenticated emails on your behalf.  The From Name, From Email and Reply To Email is your own however the header of the email will display the fact that it was sent by on your behalf.

Your own Mail Server

This is where TrackerRMS connects to your own Mail Server using the Mail Server address, Port, Username and Password provided by you and attempts to relay the email through that server.  The benefits of this are that the email From Name, From Email and Reply To Email details are your own and will arrive as fully authenticated by your email domain so will arrive in the same way as email sent from say Outlook.  There is no mention of anywhere in the email headers.

What does fully authenticated email mean?

In order to prevent SPAM, email servers will use a technique called Reverse DNS Lookup to verify that an email is sent from a genuine source.  It does this by matching the server that sent the email with those registered in your domains DNS (or Domain Name Specification) record.  If it finds a match it will assume the email is genuine, if not it may reject it as SPAM.  By connecting and sending your email via your own mail servers, we can ensure that the server sending the email matches your DNS and is therefore accepted as genuine.

What if my mail server details are wrong, change or there is a problem with our mail server?

If your mail server encounters any problems in either responding to our request to send an email, or your details do not connect us within a certain amount of time, don’t worry, TrackerRMS will automatically revert to method 1 and send the email using the TrackerRMS Messenger – thereby ensuring that your email is always delivered.

What if my email does not arrive in the recipients Inbox?

There are a number of reasons why an email does not arrive in the recipients Inbox and most are to do with the transit of the email at the recipients end rather than the sending of the email.  TrackerRMS has the option to send emails via your own mail server or via our own TrackerRMS Messenger.  If you decide to send emails via your own mail server then you must ensure that your mail server credentials are correct and tested at all times.  This can be done using the Click here to test your connection link provided next to the mail server settings.  It is also recommended that you send yourself a test email to ensure that the emails are being delivered correctly.  You can do this by clicking the Send an Email button on the Home tab and entering your (or another) email address in the To field and clicking Send.

If the connection returns a green success and your test email is arriving then TrackerRMS is correctly configured to use your mail server settings.  If however you experience the issue of emails not arriving, please bear in mind the following:

  1. TrackerRMS can accept no responsibility for the delivery of email from the point it is sent to your mail server.  TrackerRMS will alert you (and us) if there is a problem sending the email at the time it is sent.  If the form closes once “Send” is clicked then this tells you that the email was sent either via your mail server or via the TrackerRMS Messenger.  This should happen 100% of the time as the TrackerRMS Messenger is alway live and able to send your mail for you should any issues occur.
  2. We have no means of tracking the successful delivery of your email once it leaves our servers so if no alert is given to us at the time we sent it to your mail server, we can only assume it will arrive successfully.
  3. The recipients company may have anti-spam software running that captures emails BEFORE they arrive in their Inbox – typically based on the content of the email so non-delivery may be due to this.
  4. The recipeints email application (i.e. Outlook) may place your email in their Junk Mail if it does not recognise your email address and/or the content in the email looks suspicious.

Please contact support if you have any further concerns.