How and when to use the Outlook Add-in

Entering your Username and Password in the Add-in

Before using the Outlook Add-in you must enter your TrackerRMS username (email address) and password into the Options form to verify the link between the Add-in and your TrackerRMS account.  This will ensure that messages sent from the Add-in identify who you are and process your requests correctly.  To open the Options page:

  • For Outlook 2007:  Click the TrackerRMS menu option at the top of the Outlook window and click TrackerRMS Options
  • For Outlook 2010:  Click the Addins tab bar, then click the TrackerRMS button and then click the TrackerRMS Options button

When the Options window appears, enter your TrackerRMS username and password in the fields at the top of the form and click the “Verify…” button to validate your account.  If successful you will receive a green “VERIFIED” message next to the Verify button and your company name and security token will be confirmed in the fields in the middle of the Options form.  To save changes and close the Options form, click the Ok button.

Outlook Addin Login

Syncronising records between Outlook and TrackerRMS

Within the Option form there are a number of options at the bottom that allow you to automatically syncronise records created, changed or deleted in Outlook with TrackerRMS, including:

  • Calendar Appointments
  • Address Book Contacts
  • Tasks

To syncronise these records, please tick or un-tick as required and click the Ok button to save and close the Options form.

To Send & Track Emails

If your are authoring a new email and require a copy of that email to be sent to Tracker to attach to the Contact or Resource records in the To, Cc or Bcc fields of the email then you can click the Send & Track button in the ribbon bar within the New Email window in Outlook.

Send and Track

If you would like to send the email normally without forwarding a copy to TrackerRMS then please use the normal Send button.

To Track an Inbound Email to TrackerRMS

If an email from a Contact or Resource is received and you wish to store a copy of the email (with attachments) on TrackerRMS then open the email and click the “Send to TrackerRMS” button on the Email ribbon bar.  You will receive a confirmation email from the MailAgent to confirm the email addresses it found within the body of the email and the Activity records created.

Outlook - Send to Tracker

For further information on creating records in TrackerRMS from inbound email see Creating Records Using the Outlook Addin.

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