Lesson 7: Timesheets, Onboarding, Invoices & Payments

Timesheets, Onboarding, Invoices & Payments

The following videos in in two parts. Please scroll down to Part 2 for the invoices section on Lesson 7.

This lessons covers:

Part 1:   Timesheets & Onboarding

  • Converting a contract job into a project
  • How to apply a default task set into a project
  • How to populate timesheets
  • How to send out portal details to a candidate and manage their info
  • How to manage timesheet process
  • How to send timesheets to clients

Part 2:   Invoices & Payments

  • Customizing the invoice template
  • Raising and sending out an invoice
  • How to enter a paid invoice.
  • How to raise a payment in TrackerRMS

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