Candidate Registration to your Website

If you want to allow Candidates to register online via your website and automatically feed into your TrackerRMS system, there are a number of ways this can be done.

Embedded Registration

We have provided a free registration page for you to embed into your website using a single line of HTML code.  We use an <iframe/> to render the registration form which is itself completely unbranded and so can be placed in a fully branded page on your website.  This free registration page is fixed and so cannot be modified however there are options available to you on how this feature behaves in the Tools > Candidate Settings page under Registration Options.

This feature offers Candidates a means of registering using either their CV/Resume, or through manual entry of their information.  A Captcha is also included to prevent malicious registrations from non-human process.

Here are the steps to following to embed Candidate Registration on your website:

  1. Create a new blank web page on your website that can be linked to from your menu or a “Register Here” type button.  This blank web page can include all the logos, colours and navigation of the other pages on the website as the registration form will be included in the main body only.  This way, the registration page looks every bit the same as any other page on your website and therefore seamless to the Candidate.
  2. Obtain your unique candidate registration portal link from our support team or your account manager, for example[your_url]/register.asp which you will need for the main <iframe/> code.
  3. In the main body of the new webpage, include the following line of HTML, replacing the address with the one provided by support:

For US users

<iframe id="trackerrms_registration" src="[your_url]/register.asp" width="700" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

For users in the UK and all other locations

<iframe id="trackerrms_registration" src="[your_url]/register.asp" width="700" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Please note: For Candidates applying to a specific Job using our Publish Jobs feature, this page will also be used however there are some additional coding changes required which are explained in the Publish Jobs via your Website article.

CV Registration

An alternative means of registration is to obtain a copy of the Candidates CV/Resume document using code in your website where it can be forwarded directly to TrackerRMS’s xTracked agent.  xTracked will then parse the CV/Resume and automatically create a new Candidate record in your system.  The email address for the xTracked Agent is and the email must come from a user account registered within TrackerRMS so that the agent can accurately identify the system to which the CV/Resume relates.