Web-2-Lead allows you to integrate common features of your website such as your “Contact Us” forms, directly into the Leads queue within TrackerRMS so that you capture all the information in one place and can process it easily, alerting the relevant people instantly and automatically.

How it works

By authoring a simple HTML web forms or amending your current web forms, you can send submissions directly to TrackerRMS for processing and TrackerRMS will then return the web user back to a Thank You page on your original website – as specified by you.

The form can be a standard HTML <form> with the action parameter set to the lead generation page of your TrackerRMS system (please contact Support to obtain your dedicated address).  For example:

For US users

<form name=”contactUs” method=”post” action=”https://usportal.tracker-rms.com/[your_url]/newlead.asp”>

For users in the UK and all other locations

<form name=”contactUs” method=”post” action=”https://portal.tracker-rms.com/[your_url]/newlead.asp”>

Within the <form> and </form> tags, a number of <input/> objects can be placed to collect relevant information from the user to populate the lead record.  These are as follows:

Input NameTypeDescriptionRequiredLength
leadnameHiddenThe name of the lead as it will appear in the Lead listMandatory50
departmentHiddenThe TrackerRMS department name that you want the Lead directed at (and who will receive the Notification)Mandatory50
territoryHiddenThe TrackerRMS Territory name for which this Lead record appliesMandatory50
returnurlHiddenThe URL to return the user to once the Lead record has been createdMandatoryUnlimited
leadfromTextThe name of the Person, Company or Organisation from which the Lead record originatesMandatory50
telephoneTextThe contact telephone number for the Person to which the Lead relatesOptional50
emailTextThe email address for the Person to which the Lead relatesOptional50
leadsourceTextA text description of the source of the Lead (e.g. Search Engine, Website, etc)Optional50
leaddescriptionTextA more detailed description or collection of further information relating to this Lead that can be reviewed by the TrackerRMS userOptionalUnlimited
companynameTextThe name of the company for which the person works.  This will auto-create a new client record or find an existing client record by the same name when the "createcompany" input field is set to "y"OptionalUnlimited
createcompanyTextInstructs the lead process to auto-create a new client record if one by the same name does not already exist. Value is "y"Optional1
firstnameTextThe firstname of the contact.  This will auto-create a new contact record or find an existing contact record by the same email when the "createcontact" input field is set to "y"Optional50
surnameTextThe surname of the contact.  This will auto-create a new contact record or find an existing contact record by the same email when the "createcontact" input field is set to "y"Optional50
createcontactTextInstructs the lead process to auto-create a new contact record if one cannot be found using the "email" field (if populated).  Value is "y"Optional1
responsecodeTextCorresponds to the Lead Response Code entered against the Lead associated Template in TrackerRMS and will automatically send out this template on creation of the new Lead. Note: You must supply a userid in the "fromuserid" field for this to workOptional50
fromuseridNumberThe User Id for the user account from which any response code templates will be sentOptionaln/a

Example Contact Us Form

The following example form collects information from a Contact Us form and sends it to TrackerRMS for processing:

<form name=”contactUsmethod=”postaction=”https://portal.tracker-rms.com/[your_url]/newlead.asp”>
    <input type=”hiddenname=”leadnamevalue=”Website Contact Us Lead” />
    <input type=”hiddenname=”departmentvalue=”Sales” />
    <input type=”hiddenname=”territoryvalue=”United States” />
    <input type=”hiddenname=”returnurlvalue=”http://my.website.com/thankyou.htm” />
    Please enter your name:             
    <input type=”textname=”leadfrommaxlength=”50” /><br />
    Please enter your telephone number: 
    <input type=”textname=”telephonemaxlength=”50” /><br />
    Please enter your email address:    
    <input type=”textname=”emailmaxlength=”50” /><br />
    Where did you hear about us?        
    <input type=”textname=”leadsourcemaxlength=”50” /><br />
    What is the nature of your enquiry? 
    <textarea name=”leaddescriptionmaxlength=”255rows=”6” /></textarea>