Locking/Unlocking a User

Click the clip below to see how to Lock or Delete a User

N.B. Before deleting a User, please ensure that any records associated with that User are reallocated to another User within the system.

To lock/unlock a single user:

1. Click the Tools option at the top right hand corner of your TrackerRMS screen.

2. In the User Setup section, click Users.

3. Click on the Username or Full Name of the user.

4. Click on the Touchbar at the right hand side of the screen and select Lock This User/Unlock This User as appropriate.

5. If selecting to Lock a User, the message “User’s account has been locked but User may still be online, please use Terminate Session to end User’s session“. Click Terminate Session option in the right hand touchbar. The message “User’s session has been terminated” will be displayed.

6. Click Save & Close in the right hand touchbar.


To lock/unlock multiple users:

1. Click the tick box at the left hand side of each of the users you wish to lock/unlock.

2. Click the Action Selected record(s)  button above the list of users.

3. Select the Update these Records option.

3. Select the Lock the selected user records/Unlock selected user records as appropriate.

4. Click Update Records. A message will appear “Records have been successfully updated”.

5. Click Close.

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