Outlook Add-in

TrackerRMS Outlook Add-in (Version 1)

UPGRADE: Please click here to visit the Outlook Addin Version 2 page, as this version is no longer supported.


Version 1 should only be used on older versions of Microsoft Outlook where Version 2 does not.

The TrackerRMS Outlook Addin Version 1 installs on your local machine and provides you with highly useful functions that integrate seamlessly with your TrackerRMS system.  This Add-in is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above on the Windows operating system.  Please note, the Outlook Add-in will not work with Outlook Webmail or Outlook on iOS.

Downloading and Installing the Outlook Add-in

Before installing the Outlook Add-in, please ensure you close Outlook first.  If this is the first time you are installing the Outlook Add-in on this computer it is recommended to download the pre-requisites first to ensure your computer is up to date.

FilenameFile SizeDescription
vstor_redist.exe38.2MbMicrosoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime. Some older operating systems do not include these tools as standard and can be installed from here.
setup.exe802KbTrackerRMS Outlook Addin Setup File. This will auto-install the Addin Files from the internet.
Verify your login details in the Outlook Add-in

Once installed you will see TrackerRMS in the ADD-INS menu bar in Outlook.  Click the “TrackerRMS Options…” button within this menu to open the Add-in Options page.

Enter your TrackerRMS username (your email address) and TrackerRMS password (not your email account password) into the fields provide and click the “Verify Account…” button.   If your details are correct your will see a message to confirm the verification has been successful.  You can now start using the Outlook Add-in.

To read more on how to use the Outlook Add-in, please click here


My Outlook Add-in has disappeared

On occasion, Add-ins are deactivated due to unforeseen issues such slow load-up speeds.  When this happens, the Add-in is not removed from Outlook but is moved from the Active Add-in list to an Inactive Add-in list.  You can re-activate Add-ins at any time within Outlook but following these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook and click the “File” menu tab, then select the “Options” item on the left hand menu
  2. This will open the Outlook Options window where you should click the Add-ins option on the left
  3. You will see a list of Add-ins with the Active ones at the top, Inactive ones next and Disabled ones towards the bottom
  4. If you can see the “TrackerRMS Outlook Add-in” in the Inactive Application Add-ins, select “COM Add-ins” from the Manage menu and click the “Go…” button
  5. Place a tick next to the TrackerRMS Outlook Add-in item and click the “Ok” button which should now re-activate the Addin in Outlook
  6. If you can see the “TrackerRMS Outlook Add-in” in the Disabled Application Add-ins, select “Disabled Items” from the Manage menu and click the “Go…” button, then first select the addin and click the “Enable” button which will either activate the Add-in immediately, or place it in the Inactive Add-ins list.  If the latter is true, follow step 4 and 5 above.