Importing Records

How to Import Contacts from a Spreadsheet

  1. Click Tools and go to the Import New Records section in Application Settings.
  2. When prompted, enter the Tracker username and password details to logon to the Importer and click the Create New Import Job on the toolbar. Note, you need to logon with details for the owner (or same territory as the owner) for which the import relates.
  3. IMPORTANT, for new imports please first click and download the appropriate pro-forma as this will ensure that the imported data is recognised and placed into the correct fields within Tracker. Do not make any changes to either the column headings or add any additional sheets to the pro-forma file or the import will not work.
  4. Assuming that the only Company level data being imported is the Company Name, then a single Contact Import with the Company Name column populated will suffice.
  5. Tick the option to Fill in missing information in Tracker from the imported record.

How to Import Contacts from Outlook

In order to download and create Customer and Contact Records from Outlook to TrackerRMS, you must download the following extractor –

This tool needs to be run with Outlook open ideally as some users run multiple Outlook profiles. The extractor will extract and import all contacts, future appointments and tasks from Outlook into TrackerRMS with one click.