Searching for Candidates

There are 2 places to advanced search for Candidates, from the main Candidate list (we will call this Candidate Searching), and within the Job itself (we will call this Candidate Matching)

Candidate Searching

This purely looks for the Candidates with the skills and other criteria specified in the advanced search page and cares not for how one Candidate ranks over another.

The results come back immediately so this a great way to find our rough numbers before embarking on a long listing exercise quickly.

Candidate Matching

This does the same first step as above however it then used the Boolean terms you have entered to attempt to rank Candidates over one another using our methodology which loosely works like this:

  • The more recent the searched skills are in a Candidate’s job history the higher they rank
  • The more time the skills have been used in their history, the higher they rank
  • If the Candidate’s job title or current job includes such skills, the higher they rank
  • The more often a skill appears in the Resume, the higher they rank

By combining all this weighted logic, Tracker can try to suggest the higher ranking Candidates.



The clips below will show you a variety of ways in which you can search for Candidates.

Searching for Candidates and assigning them to the Shortlist.

Advanced Searching for Candidates.

Using the Long List.

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