<RequestStatus> Section


The <RequestStatus> section will be returned whenever an API call is made and will appear as the first section in the returned XML.  This will include a return code and description based on the success of the API call.

Response Format

The ReturnStatus section will appear in the following format on all API calls.  All other XML relating to the specific call or function will be contained immediately following this section.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        Remaining XML elements here depending on API function
Parameter Notes
<ReturnCode> This will be a numeric code signalling the success or not of the API call (see examples below)
<ReturnDescription> This will be a text description of the code that has been returned
<ReturnRecordCount> A record count of the number of records returned in the current Response.  This will contain 0 (zero) if no records are returned or the Request call is not requesting returned records
ErrorCode – ErrorDescription
 0 – Success
1 – User not found
2 – User account is locked
3 – User account not active
4 – User security token does not match
5 – User session has expired
6 – User has logged off
7 – User has multiple instances
8 – User does not have access to this data
11 – Invalid API input format
12 – Invalid parameter value passed
13 – Update record not found
99 – Unspecified error