TrackerRMS Outlook Addin v2

TrackerRMS Outlook Addin v2

The TrackerRMS Outlook Add-in installs on your local machine and provides you with highly useful functions that integrate seamlessly with your TrackerRMS system.  This Add-in is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2013 (including Office365) and above on the Windows operating system.

Please note, the Outlook Add-in will not work with Outlook Webmail or Outlook on iOS.

This new version is a separate install to our existing Outlook Addin v1, offering more functionality and performance offered by the more recent versions of Microsoft Office.  If you are using a version of Microsoft Office earlier than 2013 then please continue to use the existing Outlook Addin found here.

Key features of Version 2

View Panel

We have introduced a new view panel which can be docked anywhere inside or outside of Outlook that automatically populates each time you select an email in your Outlook folders.  This panel looks up the sender’s email address on Tracker and presents you with all of the key information from TrackerRMS including their contact details, photo as well as listing the last 10 Activities you had with that person.

You can also see all Leads, Jobs, Opportunities, Assignments/Projects and Tickets you have with that person, all within Outlook.

What’s more, clicking on any of the listed items will show you a preview of that record so you won’t need to open Tracker to read previous emails, or the description of a Job.


New Toolbar

Rather than having to constantly open emails in order to action them, the new toolbar found at the top of the View Panel has all the actions you need to process the item you are looking at:

From this toolbar you can now action the following (from left to right)

  • Create a new contact in TrackerRMS from the senders name and email address
  • Create a new Lead in TrackerRMS based on the contents of the email and assigned to the sender’s contact record
  • Create a new Job based on the email containing a Job Specification attachment (also known as xSpeced)
  • Create or update Candidate records in TrackerRMS based on the email containing 1 or more Candidate CV/Resumes
  • Create a new Ticker in TrackerRMS based on the contents of the email and assigned to the sender’s contact record
  • Track the entire email to any record in TrackerRMS
  • Track only the attachments on the email to any record in TrackerRMS
  • Simply send the email to the TrackerRMS Mail Agent where it will process it automatically to the correct records
  • Send the email to the TrackerRMS Support Agent to attach to an existing Ticket’s dialogue
  • Open your settings page where you can enter your account details and set auto-syncronisation settings
Downloading and Installing the Outlook Add-in

Important:  If you already have the old Addin in your Outlook then please first remove and unistall this (see section below on Removing the Outlook Addin)

Before installing the Outlook Addin v2, please ensure you close Outlook first.  Then click the link below to begin installation.

FilenameFile SizeDescription
setup.exe927KbTrackerRMS Outlook Addin Setup File. This will auto-install the Addin Files from the internet.
Verify your login details in the Outlook Add-in

Once installed you will see the View Panel appear on the right hand side of Outlook with the settings screen.

Enter your TrackerRMS username (your email address) and TrackerRMS password (not your email account password) into the fields provide and click the “Verify…” button.

If your details are correct your will see a message to confirm the verification has been successful.  Click the “Ok” button to save the details and that’s it!

You can now start using the Outlook Addin.


Removing the Outlook Addin

There are 2 key stages to fully removing the Outlook Addin before reinstalling.

Stage 1 – Removing the Addin from within Outlook
  1. Within Outlook click the “File” tab at the top of the screen and then click “Options” from the left hand menu
  2. In the Outlook Options window, select “Add-ins” on the left hand side
  3. You should see the TrackerRMS Outlook Addin listed in the Active Application Add-ins or Inactive Application Add-ins lists
  4. Click the “Go…” button at the bottom of the window to open the Add-ins list
  5. Select the TrackerRMS Outlook Addin from the list and click the “Remove” button, then click “Ok” and close Outlook
Stage 2 – Uninstall the Addin from your PC
  1. Open Control Panel on your PC and select “Unistall and program” from the options
  2. In the list of programs, find the TrackerRMS Outlook Addin and select it in the list
  3. Then click the “Uninstall” option either next to it or at the top of the list

This will remove the Addin from both Outlook and the PC ready for upgrading or re-installing.


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