The UpdateRecord() API function is an XmlHttp function allow fields in any record to be updated from the Smartphone.  The parameters passed through this function are the record type, it’s unique identifier, the field name to update and the value to update it to.  Currently only plain text fields can be updated using this API function as lookup or reference data is not being passed to the smartphone.

API Address


Request Format

The input format XML for this function is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
                <UpdateField name=””></UpdateField>
                <UpdateField name=””></UpdateField>
Parameter Notes
<SecurityToken> This will be the 40 character security token obtained from the LogonUser() function
<Username> The username is typically the email address for the user in the format name@domain.com
<Password> The password will be the same as their web based password and can contain a combination of upper case, lower case and alpha-numeric characters
<RecordType> The record type indicates the type of record required and is set to one of the following values:
Activities             Leads                    Resources                                                                           Accounts             Opportunities     Tickets                                                                       Contacts              Projects
Parameter (cont.) Notes
<RecordId> This is the unique record identifier to update and is passed in the UpdateRecord() function.  This parameter must be populated for this function to be processed successfully
<UpdateField> (collection) Each <UpdateField> element can hold the name of the field to be updated and the value will be the new value to update it to

Response Format

The function will return the standard RequestStatus section signifying the success of the update.

<?xml version="1.0"?>