Recruiter Lessons

The recruiter lessons are designed for new Recruitment Consultants who have never used TrackerRMS before.  Dependent on their role, not all lessons may be needed such as Timesheets, Onboarding & Invoices or maybe Reports & Dashboards.  It is advisable that all Recruitment Consultants watch lessons 1 through 6.  The lesson quickly demonstrate many of the most common tasks and show helpful tips and tricks that a Recruiter will want and need to use to get the most out of TrackerRMS.  The lessons are a great refresher for all existing users of TrackerRMS.

The lessons cover –

User Lesson 1:   Orientation / Getting Started

User Lesson 2:   Working With Records

User Lesson 3:   Working With Job Orders

User Lesson 4:   Organizing Data

User Lesson 5:   Working With E-mail & Documents

User Lesson 6:   Working With Leads and Prospects

User Lesson 7:   Timesheets, Onboarding, Invoices & Payments

User Lesson 8:   Reports & Dashboards